Thursday, 26 August 2010

Haven't Blogged For Like...Forever! Ha!


Feels like a lifetime since i last posted on here. So today i decided to do something about it!

Firstly thought i would show you the face behind the name...hehe..and of course my two beautiful inspirations : ) xXx♥♥

This is me and my 8 month old daughter Honey Ava xXx♥ (Not the best pic though!)

And this is my little man Jack aged 2 in this picture at the time but he's 3 now! xXx♥

Any way on the business side of things, for a few weeks now i have been trying out various new packagings for my jewellery , and have decided on lovely little eco, ribbed, brown pillow boxes with pink organza ribbon tied around it, or lace? Haven't settled on one yet : ) Both look verrry pretty, if i do say so myself! And then for added cuteness some pretty little sparkles are added inside the package too (and little note aswell). hehe!

I really think the packaging plays a big part in encouraging customers to return to you. Not only have they got the excitement of recieving their gorgeous new jewellery buttt it's also beautifully wrapped, like a special little gift! I know that's the kind of thing that keeps me interested!

I will try and upload some piccies of the new packaging, when my camera stops playing up! :-/ Grrrr!!

This is a really random post i guess, but just missed the blog world! : )

Hopefully i will get back into the swing of things and start blogging regularly again. ♥

Have a lovely day...Miss Eclectic xXxXx


  1. I get so excited about the packaging for my jewellery, it's nearly as important as the jewellery itself I think! Most customers like to open something and feel like it's a present :)

    MJ x

    Mozzypop Jewels blog!

  2. Hey, just joined your blog. Always nice to see the people behind the scenes :)

  3. Thank you both for your comments! Yes it's an exciting part of recieving a parcel and knowing someone has taken time over the presentation! : ) xx

  4. Honey Ava....lovely a 1940's starlett. My Son's second name is Jack too (-:

  5. Hehe! Thank you! : ) Ahh really! Jack is a cool name! xx